Wendy Ambrosio

Louise from Bob's Burgers

Hello!! My name is Wendy Ambrosio and I am a Junior at Baruch College. My favorite cartoon character is Louise from the show Bob’s Burgers. She likes to manipulate people to think and act a certain way but also very smart for her age. Even though she may sound mean, she has a soft side, she cares for her family and willing to defend her family whenever in harm. Besides that, I also like to swim and I am currently swimming for Baruch. I have been on a swim team since I was 10 years old. As you can tell I like to swim but most of all I like to compete. Fighting to win is never easy but to me is always fun to work hard and to get the best results. I am currently majoring in Mathematics and double minoring. It may be hard but I am always willing to conquer any challenge ahead of me.